13 Mind-blowing Keyboard Shortcuts No One Tells You

John Zeus Taller | April 8, 2016 at 6:02 pm




We all know that we don’t have all the time in the world – that’s why keyboard shortcuts exist to make our life easy. However, we are limited to the common ones like Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.

What we don’t know, there are lots of keyboard shortcuts ready to blow our minds, “I wish I knew this before!”

Well, to save you time, we have compiled 13 keyboard shortcuts from around the net what we think will blow your mind. Here are the 13 mind-blowing keyboard shortcuts that no one tells you about.

Note: We are not responsible for the brain-mess our readers will get after.

1. Windows + L
What does it do: It locks Windows. It prevents prying eyes from glancing at your monitor when you go off your desktop.


2. Windows + I
What does it do: It opens Windows Settings. It saves you time from looking for control panel, or searching from start menu, etc. Edit settings in a blink of an eye!


3. Ctrl + Shift + N
What does it do: It creates New Folder. Right-click and pointing is the thing of the past.


4. Ctrl + Shift + Del
What does it do: It opens Task Manager. No more Ctrl + Alt + Del.


5. Windows + Tab
What does it do: Shift Programs and *Desktops. What we mean on shifting desktops is you can create a set of icons and programs. Try it! *Only on Windows 10


6. Ctrl + Alt + V
What does it do: Opens special paste function – great for clearing formatting especially if you’re copying from the internet to Microsoft Word.


7. F2
What does it do: Rename. Yes you can rename files with one keyboard strike.


8. F2, Tab
What does it do: Rename the next file. And yes, you can rename the next file with one keyboard strike.


9. Ctrl + F5
What does it do: Refreshes the webpage’s cache. Sometimes, a simple F5 won’t do. Ctrl + F5 works great for web developers for clearing webpage caches.


10. Ctrl + Backspace
What does it do: Deletes the entire word. Because holding Backspace key is tiring enough.


11. Windows + M
What does it do: Minimizes everything. This is really helpful when your desktop is cluttered with opened, unnecessary programs. You might want to close a few, dear.


12. Windows + E
What does it do: Opens Windows Explorer / File Explorer. Explore your computer with one keyboard strike.


13. Ctrl + Mousewheel
What does it do: Tweaks icon size everywhere. This works even on desktop. Amazing, huh?


Bonus Shortcut:

Middle Mouse Button
What does it do: Opens the link in a Edge Tab; it also closes a Edge Tab, just point the cursor and click the tab with the mouse scroll wheel.


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