3 Signs Your School Will Fail To Produce Future-Ready Graduates

Noel Labitag | March 20, 2018 at 4:24 pm

The essential years of learning are spent in the four corners of the classroom. Making those years worthwhile MUST be every academe’s dream for each of its students.

Enter digital transformation, modern workplaces, and the demand for competitive workforce for companies, the years spent for mastering the fundamentals are now being tested more than ever.

So, the big question is, how does your academe doing in terms of preparing your students for their careers in this age of digital transformation?


How to know if you’re dragging them down? Here are three obvious signs:


You’re a purist of the mythical learning styles


The VARK modalities by Neil Fleming and Colleen Mills tells us the four widely known ways of absorbing information: Visual, Aural/Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic.

Though widely used as a basis for teaching approaches, a journal of Educational Psychology by the University of Regina somehow disagrees with these learning styles. Kratzig and Arbuthnot, authors of the said journal, found out that there is no strong evidence of improved learning through focusing on these learning styles. They further imply that focusing more on contents appropriate to a learner’s existing knowledge is the viewed more effective way to present new knowledge.

With these old and new disciplines clashing amidst digital transformation, technology has been a prompt mediator to bridge these opposites.

Recent learning and productivity innovations such as M365 (Microsoft 365) has proven that physical boundaries is no longer a hindrance in learning. It presents more interactive and relevant training materials that are ready to cater to a new wave of diverse student population. Some features of M365 include:

  • Co-authoring of students using well-loved school tools such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint;
  • Teams, which can be used as a classroom and school chat forum for teachers and students;
  • Minecraft, which is an interactive tool that allows students to develop creativity and deviate from usual memorization methodologies of learning. Students incorporate fun with learning which encourages a deeper understanding of various subjects taught at school.


Prompt collaboration is a foreign concept


Outside the academe, work is all about real time response and effective team collaboration. These two are critical soft skills a student should be trained to have to prepare them for life after graduation. If you put this to chance, then chances are –you’re heading for a hard time in transitioning from school to work.

Real-time collaboration should start at the very basic level of education: by encouraging students to reach out through a safe online environment, they get a feel of how work will be like once they leave their student hats and become official professionals.

M365 is backed with cutting-edge security features that is above in today’s global standards. This safekeeps whatever is talked, discussed, shared, and even browsed in this seamless collaboration platform within your organization.

This also allows the admin, faculty, IT, and students collaborate even more promptly through Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Teams, Planner, and Microsoft Office online – one of the modern skills each learner should master for modern careers.

You didn’t just excite collaboration and communication, you also moved everyone to be prompt and organized!


Mastery of future-essential skills is almost coincidental



As per Manila Times, Almost 1.2 million graduates of March 2017 face job skill mismatch. Aside from this, new graduates are also bound for low wages, short-term contractualized work, and unsafe workplaces.


This mismatch is a product of the school’s existing curricula and how the necessary skillsets in the working world are implemented in the curriculum. Knowing the basics of office tools and other modern skills is just the essentials, but its mastery should be intentional. How? Let students learn by doing. Incorporate the use of essential office tools to your curriculum. A lot of graduates are still less equipped in using enterprise software because they are encouraged to use free online tools which are barely used in today’s modern workplace.



These are just 3 of the signs you’re less likely to produce future-ready graduates. Which of these three signs hit you?


Gear up your students with future-essential skills and knowledge fit for modern careers!

Start in the classroom. An even more intelligent move is to have a reliable tech partner to guide you and your students amidst digital transformation. Have Tech One Global and M365 as your comrades in bringing your academic approach to new and modern heights.


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