Digital Transformation: Cloud Experts Group August Meetup

Jordan Cueto | August 11, 2017 at 5:04 pm

August 5, 2017, The Olives, Bangladesh — Tech One Global (Pvt.) Ltd along with the Cloud Experts Group has initiated the event for creating awareness among the IT professionals. The community meetup became a platform where the members especially the IT professionals can get the opportunity to share knowledge, learn, network, and build relationships within community.

The event started with Humayun Kabir Mamun on his introduction for the Cloud Experts Group. His talk highlighted the importance of such communities in creating a healthy and lively environment for innovators and thinkers of the IT industry to thrive in. After all, digital transformation at its core is not just about technology but the lives of people and how it integrates with the rapid innovations of today’s world.

Cloud expert talk

This was followed shortly after by Mithun Dev with a talk on “Hybrid Cloud using Azure Stack.” Azure Stack is the latest weapon that Microsoft brought to the cloud wars. It capitalizes on the existing premises within companies which help reduce cost and increase the synergy between old and new systems. Azure stack is the key in the biggest probem in digital transformation: transition. By opening up the possibilities of on-premise and cloud together as an infrastructure, Microsoft was able to create a new pathway for independent and small businesses to jump in the waves of digital transformation.

Finally, Rijwan Ansari graced the meetup with a session on an introduction to cognitive services to build intelligence app. Machine learning coupled with big data is making huge leaps across industries, as innovators, it is the duty of Tech One Global and its partner communities to explore this new horizon. Azure and its cognitive services lets you build apps with powerful algorithms with the capabilities to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret our needs as humans using natural methods with a few codes — a knowledge that is very welcome in today’s cloud-first, mobile-first world.

Tech One Global is extending its arm to those willing to embark on a digital transformation journey. Just subscribe to us for more updates on events and content related to IT.


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