How to enhance your Azure VM experience – Instanced Level IP

Jordan Cueto | June 6, 2016 at 1:19 pm


Are you using VMs for your company? Ever wondered if you can make your Azure VM experience smoother?

Virtual Machines or VMs are essential for companies who are into digital management – whether it’s for accessing files or making back-ups, VMs are there to help you utilize the full potential of a cloud system. Virtual Machines operate based on the computer architecture and functions of a real or hypothetical computer (Wikipedia).

Of course, before you get to use a VM you first have to consider how you are going to connect to it.

According to Dileepa Kariyawasam of on his article How to Create an Azure Instance Level Public IP on Azure VM” the traditional way of connecting to Azure VM revolves around:

“The traditional way of connecting to the Azure VM is to connect to the cloud service first using the Virtual IP assigned to the specific cloud service and then porting the connection to the VIP of the Azure Virtual Machine along with its port.”

Now there is nothing wrong with the traditional way of connecting to the VM, but what Dileepa says is that there’s a more convenient way of connecting to the VM through the use of ILPIP.

An Instance Level Public IP or ILPIP is an address that directly connects to the VM rather than going through the cloud first. This gives the user direct and efficient access to the VM with fewer channels needed.

The only drawback is that the Instanced Level IP will be gone once a VM shuts down. But do not worry, setting it up is a breeze especially with the Azure VM.

Dileepa wrote a step-by-step guide on how to do it and it is surprisingly easy.

With this, you can access Azure VM from your RDP with ease!

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How to Create an Azure Instance Level Public IP on Azure VM” – Dileepa Kariyawasam,

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