Five Secrets for Mobile Productivity

Jordan Cueto | September 14, 2016 at 2:39 pm

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Chances are you are reading this through your phone. If not, you should.

Using mobile accessibility is the most logical step that every business and enterprise should take now. An article from Microsoft pointed out that going for a mobile-first approach is a secret ingredient for an overall increase in business productivity.

With that in mind, here are five secrets that will unlock the hidden potentials of your mobile experience.




Developers continuously update their apps. Don’t be afraid  to tap that update button whenever it appears on your notifications. A software update gets rid of bugs, adds new features, and improves functionality.

Don’t believe anyone saying that they are “traps” that will mess up your device because no developer would ever do that intentionally. Software is the lifeblood of a developer, they keep it healthy not just to improve your experience but also to keep up with the competition.

Plus, they’re always free.


Explore Multitasking


Everyone on a PC is doing multitasking, that’s one of its core features. But now, even mobile does it. Learn functions like app switching, split screen viewing, and a lot more on your phone.

If you add multitasking with mobile’s accessibility then you can see immediate positive effects on your productivity.


Work Offline


Let’s face it, there are places that the internet can’t reach. For such occasions don’t be afraid to work offline.

You can even mix things up by using solutions like Office 365. Outlook, one of Office 365’s components, has an offline app that allows you to access your last batch of emails for easy access.

There are several other apps now that allows offline activities, learn them. Once you do, you can do your tasks even if you’re in the middle of a forest with no sunshine.


Expand Phone Storage


If you are offline and disconnected from the cloud you only have no option but to rely on your phone’s storage. Upgrade it!

Your mobile productivity is limited by how much storage you have. Basically, improve your storage, improve your limits. A lot of phones in the market allows an additional storage, and they are pretty cheap considering the benefit they give.


Solve it with a Keyboard and Mouse 


The simplest solutions are the best. Add more functions to your mobile by purchasing compatible peripherals like Bluetooth keyboards or adapters that allows your device to connect to a display device like projectors and display monitors. Does this mean PowerPoint presentations straight from the pocket? Yes, yes it does.

In a cloud-first and mobile first-world, step up your game by following these five simple tips.


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