Five Winning Traits of a Millennial Decision Maker

Jordan Cueto | February 9, 2017 at 5:02 pm

Every generation has its own set of decision makers: CEOs, managers, supervisors. Influencers: they are the methodological folks who come into different faces, those who are all about the numbers, those who hold a strong conviction to the established systems, and those who forge new paths for the world with their sheer willpower and talent.

Today, in the age of digital transformation (DX) characterized by rapid innovation, we also have our new brand for decision makers: the brave and blind ones, or as some may call it: the YOLO generation of millennials. predicts that by 2030, millennials will dominate 75% of the working force. This shows that it’s just the start for this generation and that every decision-making skill that we pick up will be crucial in shaping the future of our entire world. With that in mind, here are five traits that every millennial should focus on to become an effective decision maker:



Eye for the future

In an age where rapid innovation happens exponentially, a decision maker needs the precision to take a glimpse on the coming trends that will shape the future of industries. A decision maker needs an open mind in considering the choices that he/she will take when thrown into today’s flood of information.

Fortunately, modern-day analytics and tools are now in the market for those who want to fine-tune their decision-making skills. Tools like Office 365 even has its own analytics that updates in relation to the latest customer behavior and transforms them into digestible data through Power BI.


Courage for the adventure

You can’t innovate while staying still because choices only come up when you give them the opportunity to surface. As a modern-day decision maker, it is your duty to explore all the possible paths that your company can venture. This type of mindset is useful especially in the age of DX where a lot more choices are available for people and innovation is catching up before people can even adapt.

Thankfully, exploration is easier nowadays. We have the help of advanced search engines as well as sophisticated AI, like Cortana who is now integrated with Office 365, for all our adventuring needs.



You need a Ron Weasley to your Harry Potter, a Sam to your Frodo, a Robin to your Batman. Everyone needs friends not only because it feels nice but because we as humans are designed to operate better when we work together. Friends and colleagues are your first source of valuable opinions, advices, and perspectives.

What’s better is that with collaboration tools like Office 365, collaboration and communication improved a lot. All you need are a few taps and you’re there on call or on a meeting with the people you trust.


Focus for the little steps

Everything starts with a little step. Innovators know the pains of transitioning to full digital, in which we have tools like document management applications for scanning and putting the most crucial elements of your company: documents. A good decision maker knows that the first steps of transformation are the most crucial ones. They dictate the pace and extent of a company’s jump to get a running start in this technological race.


The will to move forward

Once you have everything set, you are now on your way to reach a full digital transformation. It’s still going to be full of challenges: from revamping whole business operations, down to making the whole company adjust to it. Rest assured that companies like Tech One Global are here to be a guiding hand in reaching your full potential.

All you need is the will and the wits to move forward as you ride the waves of digital transformation.


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