Internet of Things: The daily life and how it got networked

Jordan Cueto | December 15, 2016 at 4:45 pm



It’s 6 in the morning. You still lay down on your bed with your eyes closed, denying the fact that it’s already morning. Now you grab your phone and browse the internet updates: Twitter, Facebook, Weather Report, and which road to take on the way to work.

Downstairs, you check your home entertainment systems and their pre-loaded media: your Smart TV with the latest episodes ready for playback and your video game console with its pre-ordered software ready to play at any moment.

You get in your car ready for work, check your phone again for the latest updates. You are now on your navigation app while you browse your Starbucks app to order coffee so that it’s ready when you arrive. You ready yourself for the day ahead; seat belt strapped and transmission on “drive.”

It’s funny to think that all these things sound so impossible ten years ago.

Now it’s just an everyday norm, thanks to IoT or “Internet of Things.”



Staying Connected




At its core, IoT is a movement that pushes modern analytics to gather data from everyday tools that operate on networks. This disrupts value chains that force companies to rethink and retool everything (IDC, 2016). By integrating tools with the internet, it empowers users by giving them networked access regardless of location and platform and in return it provides necessary data to improve the quality of human life.

Internet is now integrated in our daily lives more than ever and this pushes enterprises to adapt to stay in competition. IDC predicts that by 2017, 90% of data centers and enterprises will adopt new business models with IoT in mind.

This opens new opportunities for observation and data analysis. By collecting data from everyday tools and gadgets and deriving useful information with modern day analytics, we push the development of technology across all industries. It all sounds so complicated but it just means that you are contributing to the development of humanity by staying connected with your smartphone and tweeting stuff or subscribing to Netflix.

On a larger scale, internet of things also exists in modern business processes. User behavior from using business solutions such as Office 365 and Enadoc are all processed to make customer experience better. Are you using Skype on mobile outside of work? Are you sending emails while on the go? These simple activities are all considered in developing future updates, all thanks to IoT technology.

What are you waiting for? Put your daily activities on network and contribute to the growing IoT technology.

Start with the little things.


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