Why Office 365 is better than Google Apps

Tech One Global | December 8, 2014 at 5:35 am

What makes an app really stand out? With the emergence of numerous apps and software today, how will users know what application is suitable for them?


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Office 365 and Google Apps, two of the big players of productivity apps, have been in a constant battle of who’s the best in the category. I have used both but I’ll always stick with Office. Here’s why:


1. Office 365 is well established

  • Microsoft has always been a reputable computer software company. Everyone is familiar with how the Office programs work, as they have been around for quite some time.


2. Office 365 is familiar and easy to use

  • Users don’t need to learn anything new because Office Online retains its features with the desktop versions of Microsoft Office.


3. Office 365 offers a complete solution

  • Office 365 offers a more comprehensive productivity suite to companies, while Google Apps avoid offering complex capabilities by sticking to key features. Although Google Apps offer the familiarity of Office programs, it does not have Office’s robust infrastructure.


4. Office 365 values data privacy and security

  • Microsoft sees to it that users’ data is not use for other purposes and does not scan emails or files for advertising purposes. It also offers Rights Management Service (RMS) which supports encryption and setting of permissions.


5. Office 365’s file formats are universal

  • Files created in Microsoft Office are compatible with Google Apps; however, it’s not the same the other way around because Google’s file format isn’t fully compatible with Office. For instance, some features may be lost when a file created in Google Docs is exported to MS Word.


6. Office 365 makes collaboration more convenient

  • Office 365 offers a variety of collaboration tools, packaged into one program, that enables you to work closely with your colleagues anytime, anywhere. It does not only offer file sharing, it also offers internal social networking and communication, VolP, and conferencing. Google Apps may also offer the same; however, there are individual programs for each function.


7. Office 365 lets you work offline

  • You can work offline with Office 365 so that you can still be productive even without an internet connection. Your documents will automatically be synced once you connect to the internet.


8. Office 365 automatically saves data in the cloud

  • You’ll never have to press Ctrl + S repeatedly to ensure you’ve saved your work because Office 365 automatically saves as you type.


9. Office 365 offers a more unified communication

  • Collaborate and communicate with colleagues better with a single application. With Office 365, you don’t need to install add-ons or plug-ins.


10. Office 365 always have the latest version

  • Office 365 takes care of updating Microsoft Office because updates are installed automatically.



Need I say more? Productivity apps may emerge but I’ll always stick with Office 365.


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