STUDENTS AND BLOGGING: Ideas for your Students’ Blogs

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Written by: Jessa Laure Anne Palo

Now that your class is set up for blogging, the next thing you have to think of is what your students should be blogging about. Simply saying that they should post anything they want or their interests sometimes makes your students more stumped. As a teacher, you should know the range of your class’ interests and things that they know.

There are various uses for your students’ blog aside from being a platform for homework. Here are some blog ideas for your students:


  1. Write about their niche.

Before letting them write, you should first help them find their niche. What interests your students the most? Their niche could also be their hobby. If your students are interested in online games, let them write about the online games they play. If your students are interested in books, let them write about the books they have read. Here’s an article from bloggingbasics.101 to help your students identify their niche.


  1. Write about the class subject.

If you are aiming to make the blog more relevant to academics, you can use the students’ blog instead of their worksheets. If they are to do an experiment, why not tell them to post it on their blogs? If they have required readings, tell them to post their thoughts about a certain chapter on their blogs. These articles from ScienceBlogs and Edutopia talks about how blogging can help students in their school subjects.


  1. Write about their lives or what they have learned every day.

You can also make their blogs as their daily journal, but do remind them that it’ll be published online where everyone can see it (or at least their classmates). As your students write about their daily lives, you will be able to know them better, as well as see your students understand each other. A daily journal can also feature what they have learned every day. This will allow you to assess your students’ performance as well as yours.


  1. Write about their bucket list.

Before the students start their blogs, make them write a bucket list. It can be things that they want to have or do before the school year ends. Then every blogging session, tell them to write about an item on their bucket list. It can be the one they already accomplished or the reason why they have included it in the list.


Aside from these four, you can also engage with your students and ask for blog ideas. Using LP+365, you can start a forum. Here — you as a teacher — have the full control of the forum. You can create and delete discussions, as well as comments.


To know more about LP+365, send us your inquiries here.

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