Bridging the Skill Gap in Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation

Jordan Cueto | February 2, 2018 at 3:25 pm

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Behind every contagious cybersecurity threat is a case of human error. Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), a non-profit information security advocacy group, predicts that there will be a shortage of two million cybersecurity professionals by 2019. Good news for applicants, bad news for companies.

It’s easy to see why businesses are now investing more on hiring experts on cybersecurity. A quick glance at Information is Beautiful shows that almost every big name in any industry has experienced data leaks in the last years with names like Yahoo, Sony, and even Steam leading in their respective fields.

Now, the question is: how do companies like you even start building the bridge to a better cybersecurity posture?


Experts and Analysts

Every new innovation demands experts and analysts. Bill Bonafacic, leading cybersecurity at the recruiting firm blueStone Recruting, said that an analyst is one of the most in-demand roles in the area right now. Considering the simultaneous outbreak of cyber threats, it’s an expected change.

According to Fortune, the need for the talent in cybersecurity was exclusive to security firms 10 or 20 years ago. However, the large shift in the value of data and anything digital opened up whole industries that used to have little to do with technology to start considering their options in cybersecurity.

Experts and analysts can be gained in many forms and ways. One of the obvious things to do is to hire someone. For those willing to invest in their employees, building their own experts and analysts is also a viable and sustainable way of improving overall cybersecurity posture. This can be done by implementing simple business habits across the board, like stream lining document management and archiving or digitizing common business processes to allow even the tiniest business unit to adapt to the abrupt changes of the field.


Tools for Cybersecurity

There’s no innovation if there’s no application. Aside from hiring or developing the correct talent, giving the right equipment to stand against threats is the other side of the coin in developing cybersecurity. Thankfully, with the drastic changes in the market, the average user now has access to a multitude of secured tools that gives him/her the power to control his own security.

Solutions like Office 365 allow a seamless integration of apps under a single “toolkit.” For papers and documentation, there’s Enadoc. Sharepoint and Azure are also there for more robust functions like deploying custom solutions and revamping business operations, backing-up systems, and even simulating application deployments.

With the advent of cloud and mobile, the average user has now every tool he/she needs. The key is integrating these apps into little things at first and then escalating them across all parts of the company. Start by digitizing simple tasks and applying innovative tools to disrupt departmental processes. This will allow the workforce to adjust to the small changes and gradually develop their own skills not only for business productivity but in cybersecurity as a whole



Maintaining cybersecurity is hard. Good thing, there are partners like Tech One Global and Microsoft that offer excellent customer service in the face of today’s digital disruptions, willing to help you in every step of the way.

The keyword to remember is “exposure.” Companies must expose themselves to the technology and its disruptions aided by a trustworthy partner. A partner in digital transformation reduces the risk factors to an organization’s transition, manpower, infrastructure changes, and investment fluctuations by giving companies more ground to move around with their solutions and expertise. Partners like Tech One Global can even tailor-fit solutions for your unique needs, offering the flexibility that every company needs in an age where everything is getting disrupted.

Every industry expert is still on the lookout for more changes in our highly volatile industries. Invest in talent, tools, and a partner to improve your overall cybersecurity posture and survive the waves of digital disruption.

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