Cybersecurity: Four Misconceptions about Digital Transformation

Jordan Cueto | October 19, 2017 at 4:18 pm

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2017 brought in new horizons in the ever-changing landscape of digital transformation. We have seen cyberattacks, digital trends, and business processes evolve as we pushed through the very busy year. We are now at an era of hybrid clouds, intense machine learning, and revamped workplaces.

However, it can’t be denied that the transition is still a problem for most companies. CIO stated that one of the top challenges for most companies, aside from technology and process, are the people and their reluctance to chance. Years after the first booms of digital transformation, there are still skeptics. Who can blame them? Transformation is after all, a very scary leap of faith… or is it?

Here at Tech One Global, we’ve seen a few trends when talking to people. Today, we’d like to point out a few misconceptions about cybersecurity and digital transformation. We would like to address those to help you thrust yourself ahead of the digital transformation race.


All hackers are bad

cybersecurity digital transformation

They might be the missing piece you’re looking for

Everybody knows that hackers are always bad news. However, recent trends are showing otherwise: hackers are now getting hired by cybersecurity companies, turning them against their own team. Fighting fire with fire. explored the same idea in one of their articles. Names like Snowden, McKinnon, and many others were highlighted as the forefathers of exploring the deep trenches of the hacking community. According to the article, there is a market for hackers. Most of them are passionate technological experts that are on the pursuit of the most thrilling cybersecurity adventures. This makes them key people in testing a system’s security which many of today’s cybersecurity firms are now doing.

Johnny Chung Lee, Microsoft’s developer for Kinect, is a good example. Back in 2008, he was able to hack into Nintendo’s Wiimote using only ballpoint pens and infrared lights. Microsoft took notice and hired him to develop the Kinect for Xbox which handles all the motion controls that the system uses.

Not all hackers are inherently bad, we just give them a chance when the opportunity rises. After all, who knows the enemy more than its allies?

Still skeptical? We can be your hackers instead. 


The internet is evil

cybersecurity digital transformation

No use crying over spilled milk

We’ve all heard our mothers tell us to stay away from the internet because it’s dangerous and evil. Outside our homes and into the regular guy’s table are also the same stories albeit a bit more complicated with the presence of IoT. Today, not only do we have networked computers, but we also have networked… well… everything.

From self-driving cars to sophisticated baby monitors, the scope of the internet is just getting exponentially bigger. This is great news for humanity, however, with bigger innovations comes bigger risks. Gartner identified IoT security as one of the primary problems in pushing networks into everything – apparently, it’s harder to make countermeasures when your regular PC antivirus won’t work for your networked fridge.

This requires a coordination between cybersecurity experts and IoT developers. Thankfully, we now have numerous IT experts in the industry that can help anyone find their first steps in this digitally volatile era. Tech One Global is one of these institutions. According to Forbes, the risks will pay off if we somehow find stability in IoT then we will crack open new ventures with our improved data gathering methods, analytics, and machine intelligence.


“I can do that in the next 5 years”

cybersecurity digital transformation

Tick tock says the clock

Digital transformation is characterized by its speed. Everything is getting developed exponentially every second, threats included. If you think you can play the waiting game then you are horribly wrong. According to Forbes, Hybrid Cloud adoption grew three times larger than it was last year. This is big news for everyone as this shows how everyone (hopefully, including you) is continuously gearing up just to stay in the competition.

If you somehow find yourself lost in the great race, we at Tech One Global, with our flexible solutions, are here to help. In times like these, it’s best to start with little steps: invest in digitizing simple business processes and establishing a networked workflow. This can be done through Microsoft Office 365 integrated with innovative solutions like Enadoc for document management.

By adapting early, you give your company enough time to adapt to the changes. Start with little steps and everything gets much easier as time goes by.


Cybersecurity and productivity solutions are expensive

cybersecurity digital transformation

It’s not as expensive as it looks.

Two words: cost and returns. Productivity solutions are notorious for being a demanding investment, not only to your resource but to your employees as well. This is not true anymore in 2017 as there are a lot of user and budget friendly options you can choose from.

Here at Tech One Global for example, we offer customized packages for a company’s need. We engage our customers with the mindset of a tailor: we will find something that fits your needs. Engage with us and you’ll be sure that we’ll try our best to make your very own package with you paying just for what you need.

We extend our services from consultation to custom solution development with SharePoint and Azure. This cuts a lot of resources needed like budget, time, and skills training. We believe that if speed is the determining factor of digital transformation and cybersecurity, then we must be more flexible in finding the optimal options for our partners. We want to bring you to the place that you deserve and to ease the pains of revamping your business operations.

We’ll make sure to help you bring out the best out of your investments – ultimately leading to a cost-efficient revamping of your business processes.

Stay tuned to Tech One Global for more content on digital transformation and cybersecurity. We want to help you grow.





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