Digital Transformation: The Digitally Disrupted 2017 Predictions

Jordan Cueto | December 29, 2016 at 5:29 pm



Digital transformation was the theme of 2016 and as the name suggests, its disruptive nature will not stop anytime soon. With that in mind, let’s take a glimpse and try see some predictions at how 2017’s digital transformation will look like.

Forbes’ released a list of top 10 digital transformation trends for 2017 last August written by Forbes Contributor Daniel Newman. One quick glance at the article will give us an idea of what digital will continue to focus on as 2017 comes:


Everything is about you, the user: from enhanced user interface to enhanced user experience, from empowering you by putting everything you do on network and gathering analytics to further improve your life. Gone are the days when digital is all about optimizing the objectives of technology. From sophisticated cloud platforms to accessible business solutions such as Office 365 and Enadoc, we are now entering an age of pushing the quality of human life even further.

Adaptability, innovation, and speed: these are the core themes of the list. Forbes predicts that the battlefield for next year will be decided by who can dish out innovation after innovation at the fastest rate. It’s a race across all industries pushed by exponential developments in research and data analysis inspired by the cloud and the internet of things (IoT).

The element of speed is mostly due to how intense the competition is, which is a good thing for all consumer and users of technology. This also means that companies and innovators must step up their game. To meet the demands, companies must embrace the remote workplace while harnessing the power of big data and analytics — all of which are also predictions for the digital 2017.


New Ventures (AR, VR, and IoT)




Forbes also predicts the rise of augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) as an industry. A testament to this is the big boom of Pokemon Go which became a wake-up call. These technologies were once in the gaming realm, but now they’re becoming easier to implement on other fields. The shift to AR and VR offers new ways to interact and engage the customers in a unique and memorable way. Gamification — as Daniel Newman predicts — will jump from an unconventional mechanic to a core business strategy.

IoT will be much bigger than it was this year primarily because it’s the number one source of reliable data by providing an immeasurable insight in the customer’s mind. It can even be said that IoT is the driving force behind the disruptive nature of the digital transformation. Forbes estimates that by 2020, there will be 50 million IoT sensors around the world and 200 billion “things” networked together by 2030 — further proving that IoT is not just innovative, but a core in the disruption of industries.

If you think 2016 was disruptive, then 2017 will be far more disruptive in ways we cannot even imagine. But do not fret, because we humans will do what we do best: adapt. Every day, solutions and new models are getting developed to ease our transition to digital.

One of the best steps is to invest in business solutions like Office 365, accompanied by digitizing your physical files with tools like Enadoc. This will secure not only your investments but also the adjustments needed by your employees to continue competing in a digitally-disrupted industry.

Each passing moment is time wasted that can be used for adaptation and preparing for the future. Don’t worry, Tech One Global is here for your 2017.

Let’s continue growing together.


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