Five Starter Tips for GDPR Compliance

Jordan Cueto | December 20, 2017 at 2:50 pm

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2017 is coming to a wrap and GDPR is becoming the next big concern for cybersecurity. Industries are now scrambling for methods on how to comply before May 2018 comes. It is a fair concern considering that the regulation will transcend its on-paper borders (the EU) and will potentially affect how data is handled and treated by those who use, process, and keep it.

GDPR’s benefits are more focused on the user side of things with many of its rulings favoring a more layman’s approach on how users take responsibility over data while putting more burden on the controllers and processors in providing the means for accessibility and security. Given how the EU influences the movement of industries especially in tech, it’s fair to say that GDPR affects every aspect of the data industry.

With that in mind, here are five tips on how to prepare for next year’s big change in cybersecurity:


1. Create a single set of adjustments.

Unlike directives, which only presents a common goal but not a common method, GDPR is a regulation: it already has its predetermined rules and methods that all of the EU should follow. With that in mind, adapting a blind “trial and error” approach on rule adjustments is moot at this point — a single set of well-refined adjustments on operations is better.

This method will help streamline processes and prepare them to fit in the data industry of the future. Flexible approaches may sound enticing at first but when it comes to a regulation that is obviously laser-pointed on a single issue, adapting a concentrated set of adjustments is sometimes better. If you’re a data processor or controller, start with revamping policies on data privacy, access, and control and roll it out as soon as possible across the company.


2. Don’t be complacent on boundaries.

The term “EU” is deceptive. It might be a regulation initiated by the EU but with it affecting basically any service that targets EU residents regardless of physical location pretty much says that GDPR will affect the whole world.

Dismissing GDPR as an EU-only regulation is going to be detrimental to users, controllers, and processors operating outside of the EU. IT industries must also take into consideration that GDPR is only the start and their respective regions might also adapt the same treatment when it comes to data, given how it is now considered as one of the world’s most valuable resource.

One thing you can do for starters is to streamline your processes with a compliant solution like Office 365. Microsoft monitors its solutions regularly to fit every regulation on data and cybersecurity across the globe. Immerse yourself in the ins and outs of GDPR as it is every cybersecurity experts’ concern.


3. Keep in mind: Greater liabilities.

As mentioned, GDPR targets data processors and controllers and gives them much more liability in the court of law. They are now tasked with the burden of translating terms and conditions into layman’s language, to provide ease of access in viewing and monitoring the flow of personal data, to provide innate cybersecurity measures without additional subscriptions and purchases, and to allow users more control on data purging, deletion, and retrieval.

This greater liability is also accompanied with hefty fines: 4% of a company’s global turnover or 20 Million euros (whichever is higher). This means two things: for controllers and processors, they will now have to revamp their whole business operations. For users, this means more and better options to choose from with an added bonus of better overall cybersecurity posture.


4. Raise awareness on GDPR.

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Make it your responsibility to raise awareness both internally and externally. Discuss GDPR within your peer groups, companies, and board-level associates. GDPR is a concern for all of us and the more people we discuss it with, the more options we can form to comply and adapt with GDPR.

Always presume that not everybody knows all about GDPR. Keep yourself informed with the latest articles and content, such as Tech One Global’s, to help yourself adapt with the upcoming changes.


5. Find a partner.

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As always, changes are painful no matter the form. GDPR is one of those painful changes that everyone in the industry needs. Soften the blow with a reliable digital transformation partner like Tech One Global. You can be assured that the solutions and products we offer (like Office 365, Enadoc, and Azure) follow the compliance policies of Microsoft and worldwide organizations. We pride ourselves in staying relevant and compliant across all the changes and we are always excited to journey into unknown territories with potential partners like you.

For more information on cybersecurity and GDPR, stay tuned to Tech One Global.

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