How Can Schools Develop Job-Ready Graduates

Noel Labitag | March 28, 2018 at 2:59 pm


Be ahead of educational technology

Time can attest how teaching tools have evolved. From pre-historic below-a-mango-tree teaching set up through a chalkboard-centric classroom climate, to the era of computers, educators have been adapting and evolving are in conveying information to a generation of learners with different learning capabilities.

And today is the generation of digital transformation where almost everything is handheld, quick, and accessible in a jiffy and has no better way to cater this generations’ learners than using educational tools specifically built for them like Microsoft 365(M365).

It is composed of cutting-edge tools that are essential in today’s set of learners:

  • Microsoft Office Online (Office, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Planner
  • SharePoint
  • Outlook

Top-of-the-line learning tools presented by a passionate educator like yourself? Win-win!


Implement the technology

This draws the line between “having excellent educational tools” and “using excellent educational tools.” It shouldn’t stop there.

Implement the tool until it is embedded to the very core of your academic system, your curriculum, your everyday dealings with students. This way, they experience the technology that could be a jump off point to their creativity, critical thinking, and organizational skills. At the same time, they master the technology, which is more likely an essential skill few years from now. By mastering it during the formative years of a learner, he/she unknowingly developing skill sets that are essential for modern-day careers.


Have a Trusted Tech Partner

Because technologies change very quickly and keeping everything under your radar might be too overwhelming, a trusted tech partner is a must.

Aside from the technical support a tech partner can help you with, keeping posted with free tech seminars, conferences, and even bundle offers is sure useful on your end. You have all your systems up and running while you keep yourself updated with the technologies you can impart to your whole campus and most importantly to your students. On this note, Tech One Global and Microsoft surely got your back and will keep you on the right technology track.


In any case you’re still half-minded, get the feel of a top-of-the-line educational technology, M365. If you’re a faculty, school administrator or school IT, avail our free demo and start gearing up your students to be future-ready!


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M365 for students

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