Five Ways that O365 Changes your Working Habits

Jordan Cueto | September 6, 2016 at 12:48 pm


Technology is advancing every second.

We have witnessed an exponential technological growth in the last years. With it, our workplace also evolved from humble folders and stacks of paper to modernized workplaces with cloud-supported computers.

Hands down — we live in the best time to become a professional. Office 365 is the epitome of today’s enhanced workplace; a product made to increase productivity. Let’s take a look at how this innovative business solution is changing the workplace.


1. Everything is SO FAST (especially approvals).



Our parents probably tell us dreadful stories about the workplace. Remember that time when dad was getting stressed out about an approval that was taking too long? That story is over. Nowadays, getting anything signed is as simple as sending an email. Taking too long? Give your higher ups a nudge through Skype for Business integrated with your business email solution like Outlook.

Office 365 operates with efficiency as its core. It’s the best solution when it comes to the integration of both your systems and your work habits. Integration is always a key component in efficiency, and Office 365 is a five out of five in that aspect.


2. Planning is a breeze.



With everything so fast, planning is much simpler too. With just a few clicks, you can easily monitor tasks through Office 365’s Planner. Initiate tasks and oversee them. With cloud support, you don’t even have to stay at the office to keep things going.

Planner’s user friendly-interface allows you to sort out tasks and update them in real time as they progress. It can also be accessed by anyone who has the right privileges so that they can give updates as they do tasks right in the moment.


3. Foreign branches feels like just a hallway away.



If you are working in a multinational company with a lot of operations among different country branches (like Tech One Global), then Office 365 is a must. Office 365 removes a lot of barriers for global company operations.

Communication, for example, is easier with tools from Office 365 like Yammer for corporate announcements or Skype for Business for online conferences with thousands of participants.

Meanwhile, tools like SharePoint allow real-time collaboration on a document. Use these tools along with Skype for Business to save a lot of work time compared with the traditional “send-an-email-wait-for-a-response” method that we have been so used to.


4. You feel less paranoid now.


pexels-photo (1)

Two words: Passwords everywhere. Office 365 is a secured solution and prides itself in being one. Sure it might get annoying as it constantly asks for passwords or authorizations every now and then but that only shows how it takes your company’s security very seriously.

Outlook, for example, has options to put restrictions on who can view, forward, and even screenshot an email — best used for high-risk and confidential information.

Also, a document in the company will forever be in the company. Unlike free emails that are integrated with ads and sponsorships, business emails are not integrated with anything outside the company. This means that your contact details are safe from spams, advertisements, and unwanted promos. Your contact details, information, and documents stay within the company.


5. “Where are all my folders?”



They’re gone. Remember the usual depiction of an office in movies? Folders and file cabinets everywhere. An office does not look like that anymore because of Office 365. No more folders, stack of papers, and file cabinets. In their place are now spaces open for new technologies and improvements.

With cloud support, Office 365 is a storage monster. Scan your documents and secure them with tools like Enadoc and see all of your documents safely tucked away in the comfort of the cloud. After scanning them, use them along with Office 365 and all of its tools.

Thinking about backup and security? No worries. With Microsoft’s Azure, your documents are backed up by swarms of computers — each having their own copies of your precious file.

Can you imagine what Office 365 can do to your work place?


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