Three things to master that will improve your cybersecurity posture

Jordan Cueto | September 15, 2017 at 3:44 pm

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As we enter the last months of 2017, we have seen many cybersecurity issues arise. There are the contagious malware attacks that are still going on right now, the different innovations in the form of hybrid clouds, and the total movement to establishing modern workplaces.

With that in mind, here are three basic tools that any innovator and decision maker should master to prepare for the unpredictable future:


Cloud Infrastructure

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Cloud infrastructures are the backbone of a data-driven world. According to Forbes, Hybrid Infrastructures have tripled their growth in the last year, from 19% to an astounding 57%. 73% of companies also showed interest into moving to a fully software-defined datacenter within 2 years. This shows that the cloud and data are growing more and more as an industry.

“Data is the new oil” became the keyword of 2017 when it comes to describing the importance of data in companies. Nowadays, data is not only used in analyzing records and collections of files but also in driving business decisions by analyzing trends and predicting outcomes. This puts data as one of the biggest attractions for attackers: the more it jumps in value, the more it becomes as a delicious target. What this calls for is a strong integration between cloud and tools like analytics and collaboration apps.

Good thing is: Azure is well-integrated across all its solutions like Office 365 and SharePoint. This gives Microsoft and its partners the edge in streamlining the flow of data and its utilization. It is also empowered by the robust security functions of Microsoft. Ultimately, it provides the best insights to move forward in the next curves of digital transformation, which brings us to…


Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics

If both Elon Musk and the Russian President Vladimir Putin consider Artificial Intelligence as the next big thing, then the community should be wise enough to study it. AI is the perceivable end goal of today’s innovation. Almost every innovator and entrepreneurs are in the race of achieving the perfect AI by utilizing machine learning, big data, and analytics. The demand for data is what drives the current data economy which propelled names like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and many others at the top of the market. This also puts it as one of the key concerns in cybersecurity.

Nowadays, we have robust AI systems that can track and defend against cybersecurity threats. But how do we utilize it to the fullest? Start early. If it’s a race, then a head start is a must not only win, but to survive. As a decision maker, it is up to you to start your own digital transformation and study on AI and data. You can do this by opting for cloud-connected solutions for productivity and business processes like Office 365. Coincidentally, Office 365 also has Power BI: an analytics hub for all your data. This gives decision makers an edge by allowing them to utilize the whole process of gathering data and putting it to use which serves as a strong foundation in learning the next steps like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and machine learning.


Document Management Systems

Going full digital is the dream and it should be. However, realistically speaking, it’s an abrupt change to the common business process. It demands a new set of security policies, decision making process, and planning. This is one of the pain points that Tech One Global always keeps into mind when implementing solutions. But how do we soften the pains of digital transition?

Start with documents. Go with Enadoc.

Documents are the lifeblood of a company, without them, there’s no business. It is only logical that it’s one of the first parts of your company that you should digitize. By digitizing documents, you digitize the process of creation, storage, archiving, and collaboration. This creates a genuine digital process within the company that will serve as the spring board of transition. If the key is starting in small steps, then a document management system is the most valuable tiny step that your company can take.

The risk? None. Document management and scanning are easy process with the right partner. Give Tech One Global a call and rest assured that you can take this small but valuable step as soon as possible.

We might still see more innovations before the year closes. We at Tech One Global are here to help you in every step of the way, so don’t hesitate to drop by. Stay tuned for more content on cybersecurity and digital transformation.

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