Websites that can Help you in your Lesson Plan

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Written by: Jessa Laure Anne Palo

Lesson plan is a teacher’s blueprint on how the lesson should go. It contains the topic’s objective, activities, and evaluation rubrics. With a lesson plan in hand, grading student’s performance is kept fair, the teacher’s confidence and professionalism are established and the lesson’s flow is controlled.

Having a lesson plan on every class is necessary, but making one can be dreadful. In an article by Daily Mail Online, 70% of teachers in the UK pulls an all-nighter for preparing lesson plans resulting them working on an average of 48.3 hours/week. Also, according to, full-time American teachers works 12-16 hours a day, divided into eight hours of teaching, an hour for extra consultation for students and 3-5 hours of planning, grading, attending meetings, and other activities that teachers should attend or do.

It wouldn’t hurt helping the teachers reduce their prep time by giving them pre-made lesson plans. This way, they wouldn’t need to plan what to teach but to just check and revise the pre-made lesson plans to complement their class situation. Here are a few sites to help teachers with their lesson plans:



Teachers can share and get pre-made lesson plans in all levels in various subjects. They can also join in chat boards and look at job listings across United States.

  1. Share My Lesson

Funded by the American Federation of Teachers, Share My Lesson has 900,000 members and more than 300,000 toddler to Grade 12 pre-made lesson plans in various subjects for teachers.

  1. Read Write Think

Teachers can contribute and download pre-made lesson plans and student interactives from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in various topics focused on English and Literacy.


Through pre-made lesson plans, teachers would lessen the time in preparing these and focus more on important things.

Another way to help the teachers in saving time but not decreasing their productivity is using a learning management system like LP+365.


LP+365 is a platform in which teachers can add announcements, load resources, and set assignments while students can see their daily calendar, assigned homework, and previous submissions on their particular classes — all in an organized and accessible interface. LP+365 is integrated with Office 365, so both the teachers and students don’t have to worry about the compatibility of their files. To know more about LP+365, send us your queries here.




These are some ways to help teachers in their lesson planning. As a teacher, do you find these websites useful? If yes, share this posts to your colleagues!




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